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Collective Wellness

 A Holistic and Collaborative Approach to Mental Health Counseling


St. Louis, Missouri



The Holistic and Collaborative Approach

I believe that when treating mental health symptoms, it is vital to consider the health of all other aspects of wellness. The mind-body connection speaks to the importance of looking at the person as a whole, where neurological, emotional, physical, and spiritual systems are all interconnected. Mental health disturbances commonly have implications and root causes in these other systems, therefore requiring a holistic approach to treatment.  


This system includes thoughts, feelings, and beliefs one holds about themself, others, and the world around them. These beliefs are often programmed into our brains starting as early as childhood. 


Physical health can range from diet, exercise, and sleep to nutritional deficiencies and food intolerances. The biological health of our bodies can have major implications on how we feel mentally. 


The quality of relationships and  level of support have a vast impact on other areas of health. Relational health includes the depth of relationships, ability to communicate one's needs, and the strength to set boundaries.


This component of human experience is vital in feeling a sense of connectedness and belonging to a source greater than yourself. Spiritual health is often key in finding one's purpose and place in the world.

Investigating how each aspect of your health are impacting one another will be part of our work together and may require referrals to other types of healthcare providers. My role in this process will be to assist you in reducing mental health symptoms, gaining insight to and creating change around problem behaviors, and building healthy relationships. I believe that collaborating with experts in whole body health, nutrition, psychiatry, fitness, and/or other health fields is how we will create an individualized health plan that best serves you and your needs.