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Collective Wellness

 A Holistic Approach to Addiction and Mental Health Counseling


St. Louis, Missouri 

The Impact of Substance Abuse

Addiction can be debilitating for you and your loved ones. Whether you are in the chronic stages of chemical dependency, or you're starting to wonder if it's time to cut back or stop, you can likely identify one or more negative consequences impacting your life due to the continued use of substances. Damaged relationships? Anxiety and Depression? Poor physical health? Occupational or Legal consequences? If any of these sound familiar, it's time to reach out for support. Active addiction is an isolated, lonely existence. Are you ready to get back to a meaningful life? Reach out now.

What Will Counseling Be Like?

Through the counseling process, we will explore how your addiction has progressed and how it has impacted different areas of your life. I will use a mix of therapeutic models to help you assess your readiness for change, challenge self-defeating beliefs, and make lasting behavior modifications. To assist you in your recovery, we will discuss topics such as relapse prevention, coping skills, and emotion regulation. 

Unsure About Change?

If you are ambivalent about your readiness for change, you are not alone. Facing problems with substance abuse and mental illness is a vulnerable experience. I strive to create a therapeutic environment where you can feel comfortable addressing the issues you're struggling with. Call now for a free consultation.