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Collective Wellness

 Addiction and Anxiety Counseling 

Licensed in

Missouri and Illinois

Addiction and Anxiety Counseling 

Life has become overwhelming...

And you're beginning to recognize that something must change. Excessive worry, fear, and anxiety are taking over and it's starting to take a its toll. These symptoms become so uncomfortable that you begin to look for relief. You discover that alcohol and other substances relieve your distress, and self-medication becomes the norm. 

Addiction and Anxiety are taking over... 

You may be able to pinpoint the source of your stress and anxiety. Or, it may feel like a general sense of unease and distress. Naturally, you look for ways to escape or numb these negative feelings, at least for a short time. Anxiety and Addiction issues are commonly found together for this reason. You quickly learn that alcohol or other substances efficiently gives you the relief you desperately need and, coping in this way becomes your go-to skill for dealing with uncomfortable emotions. There is, however, a problem with this solution. Alcohol use as a coping mechanism is not sustainable. Your level of use increases over time to accommodate the ever rising levels of anxiety. You are now dependent on the use of alcohol to get through the day, which leads to vast consequences in multiple areas of your life.   

Collective Wellness is here to help. I specialize in treating adults experiencing anxiety, addiction, or both.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety or addictive behaviors, you deserve to find freedom and relief from these distressing symptoms in a healthy and lasting way. As an anxiety and addiction specialist, I will work with you to understand your personal experiences and develop an individualized plan for decreasing symptoms, attack the underlying problems, and assist you in reaching your goals.    

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The Collective Approach

I take a collective approach when working with those battling anxiety, addiction, or both. So, what does this mean for you?


You and I will work collectively throughout the counseling relationship. We will act as a team to assist you in reaching your wellness goals. 


We will approach your treatment from a "whole person" lens. This means we will view physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of health as an integral part of your wellness.


I will work collectively with your other healthcare providers when necessary to best coordinate your health and wellness.

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