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Anxiety, Addiction, and Feeling Out of Control

During times of increased stress, anxiety, and change, it is common to fall back into old behavioral patterns. For many people, there is increased fear about the current state of our world and uncertainty about how our future will be impacted. A global health crisis, economic devastation, and financial insecurity are only a few of the things weighing heavily on our hearts and minds. There are feelings of sadness, loss, and grief. Some are experiencing the loss of a loved one. Others are experiencing the loss of a job, loss of a their previous life, and loss of control in general. There is so much about this time that can lead to feeling out of control.

When people feel out of control, they often make attempts to regain a sense of balance. We grasp for control, even a false sense of it, knowing deep down that we cannot control other people, places, and things. Old behaviors quickly return such as turning to alcohol to escape or numb, over indulging in unhealthy foods to feel a moment of pleasure, or snapping at loved ones and placing blame to avoid taking ownership of what is yours.

People who struggle with anxiety and addiction are at an all-time high risk for a relapse, worsening of symptoms, and emotional distress in general. The tools that were once available such as support groups, the structure and purpose of employment, and in-person human connection are sadly non-existent for many people at this time.

I hope everyone is getting creative and finding ways to connect, share, and grieve in whatever way feels best. If you are struggling with anxiety, addiction, or both, please reach out for support. I am currently offering HIPAA compliant video sessions and will return to in-office sessions when it is safe for our community to do so.

Sending love and positivity to you and your loved ones.

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